ROANOKE VALLEY IPMS 2021 Region 2 Convention

Watch this space for information on how to get 2020 Region 2 merchandise and souvenirs.

The official 2020 Region 2 Convention T-shirt is now available.  These will be on sale at upcoming Region 2 shows as well as online through PayPal.  Shirts are $20.00 plus $3.95 shipping and range in size from Small to 3 XL.  Don't wait--supplies are limited and will only be available for a limited time.


Also note:  anyone wearing their shirt to the 2020 Region 2 Convention will be awarded a special raffle ticket for a drawing that is only open to T-shirt wearers.  This will be a valuable prize and will be drawn during the last raffle draw on Saturday, the 17th.  GET YOUR SHIRTS BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!!!

2020 RVIPMS Region Two Convention T-Shirt

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